The stainless steel belt conveyor was designed for inline production of food and chemical products in form of granules, tablets, strips, etc., which are formed and cooled without any additional process. In other words, it is more than a conveyor, it allows the product to crystallize and solidify while being transported.

The melted product is loaded in the stainless steel belt using a suitable feeding device such as a spreader or a pourer. The heat released during the cooling and solidification of the product is disposed through the stainless steel belt with its excellent thermal conductivity without altering its composition.

The stainless steel belt is sprayed on the lower part withe water spray nozzles carefully positioned to ensure uniform cooling. The water of the cooling system is collected in stainless steel trays and is drained through a collecting tube and reused without costly additional treatment and without any risk of environmental pollution.

The functional feature equipment with a simple construction details increases its efficiency considerably. Its robust construction favors its longevity and low maintenance.

All models are studied by the specifications of each company and according to their needs.


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