The intelligent use of natural resources is one of the biggest worries nowadays. Because of the exhaustion of natural resources that are incapable of being renewed and the alarming rise of the production of litter all around the world, recycling has become a necessity. Thanks to recycling we are able to avoid the waste of natural resources, save energy, respect our environment as well as appreciate residues that are generated in the most diverse and productive cycles by making the best use of them.

In search of new technologies we optimize the utilization of natural resources. Recycling creates an ideal alternative to manage all kinds of residues.

The Shredders are machines of simple functionality and constructive details that significantly increase its efficiency.

It is designed to reduce the desired size of the granules of the wood such as tops, wood splinters, bark, and other types of residues like clusters or plastic and, at the same time, generated in the most diverse and productive cycles and making the best use of them.

The shredders are custom designed to suit the layout and requirements of a specific application.


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