Our debarking and log classification lines are formed by a set of equipment specially designed to receive the forest logs, to debark and classify them by diameter and/or length, according to the client’s needs.

Our debarking and log classification lines are designed for different log lengths and diameters, adapted to the requirements of each project.
The logs are unloaded on feeding ramps, which transport them to dosing and/or unitizing systems, which individually guarantees the debarker feeding. Inappropriate logs can be discarded before the debarker.

After being debarked, the logs are taken to the classifier system, which directs them to the different storage boxes or directly to the feed ramps of the sawmill lines.

Depending on each client’s needs, we offer several models of debarkers, as well as machines for cleaning knots and irregularities in the logs, metal detectors, additional feeding tables, extraction and bark forwarding systems, among others.
Great robustness equipment that are designed for severe conditions, generates great performance, high productivity, and high rate of operational availability.


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