The chains ramps for heavy charges were designed to transport and/or transfer heavy charges, such as logs, boards, pallets, metals, among others, with capacity for a high stock of raw materials.

In the wood sector, these ramps are trunk receivers, with the ability to expand elevated stock and to move them to a scaler or unitizing ramp or transverse transporters in the trunks debarking and class system. The ramps can be flat, for a large stock of logs, or inclined when they are used to transport planks or logs as a unit.

It’s a great robustness equipment, designed for severe conditions, that generates an excellent performance, high index of operational availability, low index of maintenance and has a long life. The chains ramps for heavy chagers can be manufactured with two or more tracks, with side protection flaps, coated with plate metal or open and as an option, a waste cleaning system can be provided, eliminating manual cleaning underneath it.

The dimensions vary according to the production specifications of each company and according to their needs.


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